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We are a team of veterinary experts who wanted to create an unbiased informational website for the most common hormonal disease affecting cats.


Hyperthyroidism is the most common glandular diseases in cats. While it is more commonly found in older cats, younger cats can be affected as well.

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Diagnosing hyperthyroidism is not complex. In most cases only a physical examination and blood work is needed.

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Do you know what to look for? Weight loss is the most common symptom, but there are many other telling signs to keep an eye on.

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You have some treatment options to think about. Compare advantages and disadvantages of each to find the best solution for you.

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Aftercare is an important part of any procedure performed on your cat. Make sure the healing process is safe and efficient.

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Managing Sequelae

Hypertension and cardiac disease are common sequelae of hyperthyroidism, and managing them is critical.

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From Our Blog

Jun 2017

Are you worried your cat could be drinking too much water? An aged cat with unquenchable thirst needs to be screened by a veterinarian for feline hyperthyroidism. Excessive thirst alone is not a telltale sign pointing to feline hyperthyroidism, but constant water intake is not a symptom to ignore. Before the panic begins to rise, a few extra moments at the water bowl is nothing of concern. If you’re routinely finding your elderly feline friend drinking from dripping faucets…and the toilet, fish tank, water glasses, and the questionable puddle next to the......

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May 2017

Wondering if feline hyperthyroidism could be the culprit behind your concerns for your feline’s fitness? Having your cat tested for feline hyperthyroidism can be a worrisome time. Understand the testing process to diagnose feline hyperthyroidism eases anxiety and prepares you to get the help your cat needs! Here’s a step-by-step list of what to expect to see if your cat suffers from hyperthyroidism. Step one: The physical exam Your veterinarian asks about your cat’s eating, drinking, and changes in activity habits or coat. Your veterinarian feels your cat’s neck for signs of......

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